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Leica Camera Blog Guest Post

I’ve written my 35th guest post for the Leica Camera Blog. It’s titled The Dreamy 50mm ‘Lux. My previous guest posts were Peripheral Lens, Rethinking the Leica Q, Parallel Worlds, Versatile and Fast, The Enigmatic 18, Quality of Light, Wide Elmar Monochrom, Luminescent Lobby, The Leica M Monochrom and the 50 mm Leica APO-Summicron-M lens, X Vario Black-and-White, Reverberations, Shadow Boxing, Wide Lux Monochrom, Sweet 16, Classic Wide Monochrom, Through a Glass Darkly, Ethereal Shadows, Infrared Monochrom, Ultra-Wide Monochrom, Shadow Play, Wide Monochrom, Wide Eye Wonder, Faces, Dark City, A Luminous Presence, Stillness in Time, Expressive Architecture, Radiant Light, Fun with Diagonals, The Versatile 24 Lux, Going Wide-Angle, Going Ultra-Wide, Color or Black-and-White, and Surreal Vegas.